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Pet Coffin/Pet Casket sizing is difficult to determine by the breed of the pet because of the varying heights and lengths of pets of the same breed and mixed breeds. For instance, two dogs of the same weight could look totally differently: one could be long/tall and slim while the other one could be short/stocky and heavyweight. Please don't rely on your pet's breed and current weight when choosing a casket/coffin. Correct way is to go by the pet's measurements.

Here is what you need to do to choose the correct size a Pet Casket/Coffin/Burial Box:

  • Measure the LENGTH of your pet in the standing position from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. Add approximately an inch for the tail bend. 
  • Measure the WIDTH of your pet in the standing or laying position from the top of the back to the area where the leg bends (knee joint; legs will be bent when in casket).
  • Measure the HEIGTH of your pet in the laying position from the top of its side to the floor.

How to measure a pet for a casketHow to measure your pet for a casketPet CAsket Measurements

    These 3 numbers woud determine the minimum pet casket size you would need. Now add a few inches to these measurements to get the correct size/fit casket so that that your pet is not cramped there.

    If you order a pet casket that comes with an attached fabric interior/liner/accesories or you plan on putting in the casket your own blankets/pillows, don't forget to add an inch or two to both the length and width.

    Reduce Shipping Cost

    Check with your Vet to see if they would hold your pet for you until your casket arrives. Your Vet would likely help you out in this situation. Make sure to let your Vet Office know to position your pet's legs the way you measured for the pet casket size you purchased.

    Order UPS Ground shipping the most economical. Depending on your location, your shipment may arrive in 2-3 days by UPS Ground. Having your Vet hold your pet till your casket arrives can save you the add cost of UPS 2nd Day Air, 3 Day Select, or Next Day Air shipping.

    Avoid unnecessary return and expenses - choose correct size !

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