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"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals."

                                                                                        - Immanuel Kant -

I have travelled far to reach this Pearly Gate
But I do not want to wander beyond this place
I just need to rest awhile for my friend I wait
Please let them know I love them still
Let them know that I understand
What they did they did with love
With my body gone my spirit flew
On the wings of a dove
To my Creator's Heaven above
Now I ask that I may wait
I will lay quietly here by the gate
For if I entered now without my friend
It wouldn't be Heaven at all
-John Quealy-

Has your pet passed away? Our online memorial is a place where your pets can be remembered for the joy and companionship that they brought to you and to your family.

If you have suffered the loss of a pet, then you've come to the right place. Our online memorial is a wonderful way to create a lasting tribute to your pet's life.

Why FREE? Because simply, it's wrong for anyone to benefit or profit off of someone's grief. Instead of charging a fee for your memorial, we would hope you will make a donation to your favorite animal charity. Better yet - adopt an animal! Give your love to an unfortunate cat or dog.

Create your own lasting pet memorial with pictures and tributes to honor the memory of your pet. Having a pet memorial to visit at any time of day helps to ease your pet loss and keeps precious pet memories alive forever.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for submission.

   Kiwi Johnson

   Born: May 17, 2001 Died: August 13th 2015 @ 9:30pm

  ❤️🏽🐾❤️🏽👼🏽My darling little "Kiwi" I love you so much. You were the best little pet in the whole wide world. I did not realize it when my daughter, Stephanie, bought you for me how much I would grow to love you. I cannot put into words how much I love you. You brought me so much joy and happiness. I feel it is my fault that you died. I regret that I did not do two things for you. Number one: having your teeth cleaned, number two: having your little leg put back in place. I do believe if I had done those major things you would still be alive. It is so important when you have a little pet to please treat them like your child, give them the best care and love in the world. I am sorry Kiwi I let you down. You know and God knows I loved you with every part of me. If I could bring you back and start over from day one (you were only 6 months old, very healthy). You had the best Vet in the world at Easton Commons, Dr. Neil, he and the staff loved you unconditionally. I would have never moved you from Dr. Neil and may be you would still be alive. I'm so sorry my little Kiwi, but I do thank Stephanie for putting you on her dog Mango's insurance so you did finally get your teeth cleaned. That saved your life. If it wasn't for her you probably would not have made 13 happy years. I love you forever, I will never, ever forget you my boo boo. RIP KIWI🐾🐾🐾🐾❤️🏽❤️🏽❤️🏽❤️🏽

   Your mommy SAUNDRA and buddy MANGO. He misses you so much!!!

   Captain Riley

   10/12/08 - 06/13/15

  My beautiful baby boy, I miss you more then words can say. I tried my best to save you but I could not. You brought me so much laughter and fun times. Your daddy misses you so much. Your brother and sisters look for you every day. No one will ever fill that place in my heart like you did. You are free of pain and with Chocolate now. I miss our walks and our cuddle times.

   I love you forever until we meet again my son. Mommy.



  Oscar - You were my constant companion for the last one and a half years. I can hardly remember a time when you were not right at my feet or at least nearby watching my every move. Thank you for your unconditional love. I am a better person because I had you in my life. When you passed away suddenly Wednesday morning my entire world came crashing down around me. My girlfriend Tammie wrapped you in a soft blanket, and my friend Tyler buried you on the bank of Red Chute Bayou where you wandered endlessly in the woods during your life. I kissed your head one final time and they laid you in your final resting place. I will visit you often and think of you always. Even though I can no longer hold you and see you, I can still feel your presence all around me. You were the true joy of my life and while I am grieving tremendously right now, I know you are safe and well again.

   Wait for me little dachshund, in the meadow near the rainbow bridge, I'll meet you there and one day we will be together again!
Joe Baker


   June 15, 2003 to July 15, 2014

  Heaven gained a little Angel on July 15th, 2014, but we (Andrew and I) lost our little Angel on that day. My beautiful little girl, Angel. I was blessed to have her for eleven years. She brought me pure Joy and unconditional Love for 11 years! I still can't believe she is gone. She brought love and joy to everyone who knew her. I make and sell candles at local fairs, farmer's markets and festivals and when I could I brought her along. She was my number one sales lady! Everyone stopped just to see her and fell completely under her spell. She had a way to make everyone fall in love with her! I thank God that I got to spend 11 years with her, but I guess I am very selfish, because I feel like I didn't get ENOUGH time with her. I really can't believe she is gone. I keep finding things for her and every time I turn around there is something that reminds me of her. I miss her terribly.

There is so much I could say about Angel. Andrew liked to say that she had the ego of a Great Dane even though she was a 7 pound Pomeranian. She never backed down from anyone. I would call her the "Watch Puppy Dog". She loved when I said that especially when had her little brother, Gabby, a 10 pound Scaredy Cat was outside with us. She was such a character. She had So much personality, I don't know where to begin to describe her.

My dear sweet Angel, I will always love you! Heaven is lucky to have you. I know you are in heaven and are not in pain, no more seizures or coughing. You are free to run and play and bark your little heart out.

I love you and miss you. You will always have a special place in my heart.



   11/1996 - 6/6/2014

  We Lost Howard today. He was 18 years old. He lead a wonderful life caring for his people. Protected his family from the fearsome moles invading the yard. He also gave free therapy to the neighborhood. One soul, named Scooby, a boxer, had a great fear of cats. Over the months he and Scooby became great friends. Howard would greet everyone: a man, a woman, a child, a cat, a  dog, as they passed by his corner lot in Jacksonville.

   Howard is dearly missed. Our hearts are breaking. He was more than just a cat. He could read your mind, console you when you needed it. Played with you when he needed it, head bumped kisses, grabbing my hand with his paws, bringing my hand to his head to love on. He was my soul kitty.

   Harry Cutiepie

   Born March 6 2004 - died March 24 2014

  Harry you were my baby. I loved you more than life itself. Anywhere I went you came with me. You were and will always be my main man. You died in a horrific way and mommy can't seem to accept that you're gone.. I want you to be snuggling up to me right now like you were last night. There will never be a day that you don't cross my mind. I don't think I'm going to be able to make it through this without you... I need you here. Mommy is really sick and when I get out of the hospital your face is what I look forward to seeing the most. I buried you in your favorite suit and with your baby. The one you got from the breeder when you were a little baby. Wow... I don't know what to do without you... I want you home.

   Rest in paradise baby. Momma loves you. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


   2000 - Nov. 29th, 2013

  I never could have made it threw some of the things I did, If it wasn't for you, I love you so much my best friend. Now you are with Dad (Kevin my husband) and everyone else we lost recently. I love you. You are the best do in the world.

   Love Mum (Shelley)


   Born: April 3, 2009 Died: November 12, 2013

  My beloved Frog,
I remember the day you was born under my bed with 4 of your sister you was the only boy and the only white one with a little orange on him i knew right then i had to keep you and i did. We had so much wonderful days together we was apart of the family. You will be truly miss by alot of people. Until we meet again..

   I love you forever and always, you will always be in my heart. Love Mommy and your family.


   April 2003 - Oct 2013

  My heart is so broken now! I miss you so much! You were the best cat in the world to me. How you would play fetch amazed me and how you’d raise your mouth up on one side was so cute. I am so sorry you were in pain when you pass but I hope you know I held you in my arms and shed many of tears as I did and am crying now. But I do know you are in heaven playing and waiting on me to come home to be with you and you are not alone. My late hubby, your daddy, is with you and other loved ones and Jesus takes care of my angel. I will see you in heaven one day.

   I love you forever, your Mom and your sisters and brothers love you too


   1997 - 2013

  My beloved Romeo,
my heart is broken knowing that you won't be by my side any longer. 12 years was not long enough. I will live you forever and cannot wait till the day we meet again.

   Keep Jake and Bailey busy until momma can see you again.


   January 15, 1995 to July 4, 2013

  I lost my beloved Golden Retriver Toby on the 4th of July. I was not there to see him close his eyes. He was 18 years old and grew up with Cosmo, our cat. They were best friends. The only thing Toby wanted love and affection, and a bone once in a while. He had warm and inviting eyes, always looking to be petted. I am deployed and was not able to hold him one more time.

   Toby, you will live forever in my heart and soul, I will never forget you.

   Jack and Extreme

   Both Lost June 2013 ( 2 weeks apart )

  The two best pets that anyone could ever ask for. Unconditional love, companionship, and support. We love you guys and will miss you.

   You have left this world but not our hearts.


Born: 2008 Died: March 29, 2013

Sophie, you didn't really like me when you first met me, because you thought I was taking your human away from you. Over a few weeks you learned to love me, and I you unconditionally. You were my baby, my comfort, my snuggly at bedtime and my special friend who in turn loved me unconditionally. I will never ever forget you Sophie, and one day, when I am gone from this earth, we will meet and snuggle again, and never let each other go.

  Sally Marie

   Born 11/19/00 - Died 12/29/12


You were such a good girl for so many years. Life is not the same without you. Mommy and daddy miss you so much. You are Irreplaceable. Goodbye my sweet girl. 

All our love,

            Mommy, Daddy, and Johnathan.


   Died: July 18 2012

  Our beloved little dog daisy went to doggie heaven on July 18 2013. Daisy was a Jack Russel and she was the sweetest dog ever.

   She will be missed and will never be forgotten.


   Born 4/1/2008 - Died 9/3/2012

  I miss you so much Junior, a wonderful gentle loving cat. I saw you born and saw you take your last breath. 4 years wasn't long, but I loved all the time you were here and was glad you were a part of me.

"If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."
-James Herriot-

His ears were often the first thing to catch my tears.

   Elizabeth Barrett Browning

   "Honey Bear" of the Hundred Acre Woods

   11/18/05 - 7/12/12

  At just eight weeks old you were our first Golden, our first love and our forever dog. Your wagging tail was connected to your precious and loving heart. You were a sweet, sensitive soul and had a true "Golden" heart. You greeted everyone with your sweet "Golden" smile, wagging tail and beautiful eyes. Thank you for being "Daddy's girl". You always "asked" to get up on the bed or sofa; to go out the gate or to follow Daddy wherever he went. You waited patiently at the end of the driveway until Daddy said it was "ok" to follow him. You brought so much love and laughter and so many smiles with your true joy in "bringing out the pillows" for Daddy and getting your reward of carrots. We loved watching you patiently waiting for and stalking the squirrels that romped in your back yard. We realize how very much you were a part of every day of our lives. From the moment we opened our eyes until we all went to bed at night, your life was intertwined with ours. And because of your precious presence and unconditional love, we miss you more than words can say. So, until we will meet again at Rainbow Bridge, we are loving you always and forgetting you never.

   Love, Mommy, Daddy and Kelsey too!
   Bob and Lois L., FL


   May 3rd 2003- August 18th, 2012

  Rerun was loved by all, he was the perfect dog. Rerun was kind and gentle with all, but protective of his little boys. Rerun would come and stand in front of you, nose to nose and just wait for you to pet him, he was happiest being with people. With 7 dogs between 3 families Rerun was the ambassdor, the laid back mellow guy who set an example for the rest. There will only be one Rerun.
You are sadly missed Rerun, but your legs are working again and your running free........ 


We miss you. Love,
                                             Mom, Dad, Quintin and Jameson


   2008 - 8/22/2012

You are my sweet little boy!! You were always an odd cat and always making me laugh because of that. You had the biggest heart. You loved unconditionally and we loved you unconditionally! You were loved more than you know. I am so happy to have had you in my life. You were the best little boy anyone could ask for! You had me laughing hysterical just the day before we lost you... You never let anything get you down. You are my handsome little boy and I love you and your daddy loves you too!

   Miss you every second! We love you!!


   6/30/95 -5/22/10

  For 15 years you were my loyal companion better than any human could be. You were my Purrrfect boy to the very end and I am grateful to you that you decided your time to leave this world and I was not forced to make a decision. I am human and my selfish side would not have or could not have let you go the day before my birthday or any day for that matter as you were my sunshine. You became ill so fast and there was not a lot of time as you deteriorated right before my eyes and I would have gone to the ends of the earth to find a cure or at the very least assure that you had no pain.

It’s been two years now and it’s not any easier but my perspective on Birthays has changed as I look at the Birthday of others as a day to reflect and rejoice as well as be thankful to have add even 1 day of my life with that individual. My own and your departure can never be separated and I reflect on you and all others who have helped me on my journey. I know you will never be gone as you will never be forgotten. For the record, and I know some will say I am crazy, but I feel you when you come to visit me in the night and I hear your chirping call for me when you wanted to know where I was.

   Someday, my Jules, I know you will be waiting for me and I take comfort in knowing when my time comes you will be the one greeting me, so rest up and enjoy the afterworld and know I am waiting for my headbump and facial exfoliation!



  My beautiful sweet baby, my heart is broken. I know you had to go, heaven was calling. We had 12 wonderful years together and I am beside myself with the grief of loosing you. Your brother is so lost without you. If my love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. I still leave the towel on the floor every morning and wish I could see you rolling so happy on it. My heart will always hold you in it.

   Rest in peace my sweet lu la boo until we meet again.



  My sweet Martini: I love you so very much and am so so sorry that this happened to you at such a young age. A part of me is missing forever now, and I will never stop hoping you will crawl out from underneath a blanket to come lick my face and snuggle next to me. I pray that you never suffered, and that you are forever without pain now. You changed my life so profoundly, and I am grateful that we had any time together at all. Wherever you are, I hope it is full of stuffed pink bears, wide open fields, tiny tennis balls, and lots of warm nooks to cuddle in.

   I will love you always Tini, and will never forget you.


   Feb. 2012 - July 14, 2012

  I still remember the first day that I bought him. It was a sunny day, with maybe a few clouds. I was going to the pet store, with no big plans on buying a new pet after my 3 mice (Patches, Pikachu, and Sable) died.

      I walked into the pet store like usual, just browsing with my mother. I came across the rodent area, and I saw all of the cute little feeder ratties on sale. Most were albinos, 1 or 2 of them were white with creamish-brown splotches everywhere, and a couple of them were black and white. There was a friendly young store worker there, just feeding the rats and talking to some customers. I came up to her and asked, "Can I see one of those rats?" She said, "Sure!" reached in, and grabbed the rat that would soon-to-be Eddie. I looked at her, and said, "I think I'd rather have a girl" just because I preferred girl animals at that time (I don't anymore, I like both). While I was saying that, the store worker was keeping Eddie on a cute little rainbow-colored wooden play structure; he was running everywhere on it! Occasionally, the store worker would even have to turn it around a bit to keep him from following off. I petted him a few times, but I was quite cautious of him possibly biting me (like my mice sometimes did). Anyways, the girl replied, "Hmm, well, in my opinion, the males are kinder. They do smell a bit more, however." "Nicer? Who cares if they smell more!" I thought.

      And so, I bought him. She put Eddie in a cute temporary carrying cardboard box for me to bring him home in. We also bought him a box of treats, that resembled little rainbow colored donuts. Walking to the car, I was practically squeeling with joy. When I sat down in my car seat, I just kept shoving donut treats at him, and whenever I heard him nibble, I would squeel even more and say, "Did you hear that?! Did you? That was the cutest thing EVER!" After that, all my memories of going home are a blur.

   Lots of love, Sir Eddie the Knight! XXOO

   Daisy aka Princess Daisy

   June, 2000 (apx 5 years old) died July 5, 2012 (apx 17 yrs old)

  We found Daisy in June of 2000. This Maltese Toy Poodle was a scraggily mess, Hair matted beyond belief, & weighing 4.5 lbs. But she was a charmer. She cleaned up nicely & quickly learned to bow & dance. She was my constant companion -- going to work with me daily and on vacations with us ALWAYS. Daisy, you were so good to us, and we Loved you so..... 'Twas heaven here with you.

You are in our hearts FOREVER! We Miss you soo much.

   Daisy's family

   Chance Dyanick

   February 14, 2002 - May 22, 2012

  I rescued my sweet boy in December of 2002. I had been three doors down the street getting a haircut and wandered by a pet boutique that had about 7 dogs playing in the store so I was curious. I found out the young lady who owned the store also ran a dog rescue named Street Tails. I walked in and sat on the floor playing with all the pups and one came over licked my face and laid in my lap. The store owner looked at me and said, I think you're adopted!" I fell in love with the scrawny, scabby dog with broken ears and wounds all over his legs. They said he was about 10 months so I decided his birthday was Valentines Day!

I cannot really descibe the love I had for my baby. He came into my life at a dark time. He literally gave me a reason to live. He was my son not my dog. He never left my side. For nearly ten years we played, laughed, loved and traveled together. He provided comfort to my brother during his battle with cancer. He would visit my grandmother in the nursing home and my mother dearly loved her four legged grandson. Everyone he met would comment on how incredibly sweet and gentle he was.

I found out he had prostate/bladder cancer in September 2011. The cancer had spread to his pelvic bone, spleen, lung and blew out one of his kidneys. The vet said he would only survive a few more months until maybe Christmas. I didn't want to believe it. I promised him that I would love him and care for him until it was time to say goodbye. He lived nearly 6 months longer than the vet told me. His symptoms began more severe even with all the meds and the time came to end his suffering. I wanted him to die at home and he did. A mobile vet gave him the injection as he laid in the grass in our backyard. The entire time I layed in front of him and looked into his eyes reminding him that I was here and that he was the best boy in the whole world. I kissed his gray muzzle as he took his last breath and told him how much I loved him.



   Died - May 5, 2012


A heart of gold stopped beating, two shining eyes at rest.
God broke my heart to prove, he only takes the best.

God knows you had to leave me, but you did not go alone.
For part of me went with you the day he took you home.

BOBO, mommy misses you so much. You brought a smile to everyone's face. You are not in pain any more but I will never stop missing you.

 Love you


    March 3, 1999 - April 15, 2012

Timber -
You are the "Wonder Dog"...sweet, brave, smart, loyal..forgiving. Daddy rescued you as a pup..you came into our lives and amazed us all with your intelligence and strength. Rest now and play at Rainbow Bridge..run to your heart's content..no more pain sweet boy..you are free now....we love you!!

Sonya R., New York

   Tasha - Yar

    1996 - Feb 11, 2012

Miss you so much Tasha. The house is very quiet now without your tippy-tappy paws about the place. It was very strange this morning to see your bed empty under the chair. It was even harder not to have you snuffling around after dinner today looking for a stray piece of roast beef. You were always such a good girl and so loyal. I'm glad that we let you go before your body suffered more. At least your last memories would have been of happy days with us.

Miss you and love you, Tasha. Thank you for being such a wonderful dog. Brave girl. EM x

   Big Red Magana

    10/14/2004 - 02/02/2012

Mommy misses you so much Red. It just isn't the same without you. Poor Lulu cries for you every night. She won't eat and all she does is sleep. Poor doggies. Daddy, Destiny and Ponsone miss you too. I want you to know that you were always the one that was there for me when I was sad, lonely or angry. You never left my side. A true and loyal companion. I want you to know that I am sorry for what I had to do but I thought it was what was best for you. I could not bare to see you suffer and I promised you that you never would. I love you and miss you so much.

I will never forget you.

   Sassy Evans

   03/01/2010 - 01/29/2012

  This memorial was created to remember an Angel sent by God. Full of Love and Devotion, to Love and be Loved. My Dearest Little Baby Kitty Sassy Evans Was Born in March of 2010 and passed away at a vet hospital on January 29th, 2012 at the age of 1 year and ten months.

"Little One" You will live forever in my memories and in my heart. I miss how you were always waiting for me by the door when I got home or by my side to wish me good morning when I woke up. You talked to me like you were my little child and showed how much you loved me everytime you gave me kisses. It will be hard to live each day knowing you will not be waiting for me when I get home and the tears of sadness will constantly flow down my face. I thank God for the wonderfull blessings of bringing you into my Life and pray that the Lord will keep you safe and help me get through the pain and sorrow.

I Love You Sassy and will never forget you or the joy and happiness you brought into my families life. Huggs and Kisses always and forever till the day the Lord calls me to Rainbow Bridge where you and I will cross over together and never look back. The Lord is coming Sassy, see you soon. Your little paws left prints in our hearts forever. You will be missed and you were and are forever loved.

I shall always love you my precious pretty princess Sassy. There was never another little kitty so gentle, sweet, and loving as you. You helped to mend my broken heart through the worst time of my life and then happily rejoiced with me in each new blessing that since has come. I hope that you knew even to the last moment that I adore you and that you shall not be forgotten.

Always thinking of you and waiting until the day when we can be together again. I cherish all the time we spent together and all the hours you laid on my chest soothing me when I was stressed out. You will always be my little girl!

You were a True Friend, Companion, Family Member. Always in our heart never to be forgotten. Sassy may you receive the rewards of heaven.

   We love y


   December 2011

  Bing, you always had so much energy. All you ever wanted was to run away to find a forever home. You hated being caged in and now will be free forever. You can relax now and rest.

   We love you, big girl.


   June 15, 2000 - December 16, 2011

  Aloha was my 12 year old Boxer who loved everyone she met around the parish church, the parish school and the many places in my priestly ministry. She was a faithful companion always. I miss her but am grateful for the many years we had and to have had her live and die in my arms.

   All our love to you, my friend.


   passed 18 November 2011

  Leroy was a wonderful boy who was a joy to behold. Even after losing his sight he never slowed down and was a treasure to know. Leroy left us for the Rainbow Bridge on November 18th, 2011 where he is seeing the sights.

   He is sorely missed.


   1996 - 2011

  I Apologize for wrong things we done to you because of ignorance and wish you have a happiness life wherever.




   unknown - September 28, 2011

  My precious dusty, I can't believe it's been a month since you left us. Life isn't the same. I have so many regrets - I wish I had taken more pictures of you, I wish we had loved you from the start, and more. But then I think of the way you loved all of us and I know you wouldn't want me to feel this way. At the beginning, we didn't think of you as our pet but eventually you became a part of our family. You took care of us and were with us during all of our painful moments and our happy moments, too. I am so happy that you're not in pain anymore and that you can eat and play outside as much as you want to.

   I love you so much, my dusty, and I always will. Rest in peace my angel.

   Bentley Boo

   August 11, 2002 - October 17, 2011

  My sweet Bentley Boo, You will forever be loved. Thank you for all the wonderful snuggle times we shared and for loving me unconditionally. Mommy will miss her little prince :(

   XOXOX, Mommy, Twinkie and Princess


   “Died September 2011

  Ruff was a shelter dog. His caregivers will miss his sweet face and beautiful white eyelashes. He finally found his "forever home".

  Ruff's Caregivers


   “April 9, 2005 - September 19, 2011

You came in to our lives when we weren't really expecting and you left in the same way. Your great big heart just could keep up with your friskiness anymore and we are so blessed to have had you in our lives. You have proven non "cat people" to be "cat people" and you completed our family perfectly. We will miss you so very much for the days to come. We are so glad that you are no longer in pain and are able to romp around with your pal Seneca again.

  We will always miss you and love you!
Mommy, Dad, and Ruger

   Sir Bentley Berkshire

   July 2, 2002 - Aug 12, 2011“

  Where To Bury A Dog
There are various places within which a dog may be buried. We are thinking now of a setter, whose coat was flame in the sunshine, and who, so far as we are aware, never entertained a mean or an unworthy thought. This setter is buried beneath a cherry tree, under four feet of garden loam, and at its proper season the cherry strews petals on the green lawn of his grave. Beneath a cherry tree, or an apple, or any flowering shrub of the garden, is an excellent place to bury a good dog. Beneath such trees, such shrubs, he slept in the drowsy summer, or gnawed at a flavorous bone, or lifted head to challenge some strange intruder. These are good places, in life or in death. Yet it is a small matter, and it touches sentiment more than anything else.
For if the dog be well remembered, if sometimes he leaps through your dreams actual as in life, eyes kindling, questing, asking, laughing, begging, it matters not at all where that dog sleeps at long and at last. On a hill where the wind is unrebuked and the trees are roaring, or beside a stream he knew in puppyhood, or somewhere in the flatness of a pasture land, where most exhilarating cattle graze. It is all one to the dog, and all one to you, and nothing is gained, and nothing lost -- if memory lives. But there is one best place to bury a dog. One place that is best of all.
If you bury him in this spot, the secret of which you must already have, he will come to you when you call -- come to you over the grim, dim frontiers of death, and down the well-remembered path, and to your side again. And though you call a dozen living dogs to heel they should not growl at him, nor resent his coming, for he is yours and he belongs there.

   Pastor Maner Tyson
Waterbury, CN


   01.05.2003 - 22.07.2011“

  My Baby,
Thank you for the love, joy, and happiness you brought to our life, and for letting us love you, heart to heart.



   Born: February 14, 1996 Went to Heaven: July 28, 2011

  My dear sweet baby.... you were my best friend, my protector, my loyal companion. We were blessed to have found you & shared 15 1/2 yrs. together. You were the light of my life.... i miss u deeply. Now you are in heaven, my sweet Angel!

   Mama loves you, forever in my heart.
Kisses & love Nero!


   4/26/1995 - 07/24/11

  In loving memory of my best friend!! She watched me grow up from a young girl... she was my childhood pet, and no other pet could replace her. I will never forget you Cleo and I will ALWAYS miss you!!! One day we will be together again baby girl!! All we have is time now!

your best friend FOREVER Amanda


   December 25th, 2003 - July 25th, 2011

  An angel and such a beautiful soul. No words can describe the amount of love and joy he brought to my life. He was there for me through it all and I could not have asked for anything else. He developed and grew into a loving and very affectionate Cat. He was always jumping, meowing and looking for attention. I spoiled him with all of that and so much more. My heart is broken, and I cannot eat. A part of my heart is gone... I just pray that he continues his destiny and the plan God may have for him because he truly made a difference in mine and no one will be able to fill in that void. He was the most sensitive, affectionate, loving and beautiful animal I knew...

   I love him so much.!


   July 4, 2003 - July 22, 2011

  I fell in love with you at first sight, and that love will remain for all eternity. Know that Mommy couldn't watch your beautiful eyes looking at me with all that pain in them... Mommy couldn't see her precious lil angel suffer through another day wanting to be better... Mommy couldn't see her baby girl in agony anymore... now you can run free, bark as loud as you want, chase all the rabbits you like, and be as strong and healthy as your puppy years.

   I love you, baby girl...and I will miss you so... until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.


   July 4, 2000 - July 2, 2011

  There is a hole in my heart now that you are gone, I no longer have you there waiting for me when I come home or cuddled up beside me at night in bed. I miss hearing your meow and all the things you did that made me laugh. Now I just have the pictures and memories to remind me of the past nearly 11 years we shared together. I am forever grateful for the love and attention you gave. You were abandoned on the street as a kitten and suffered several problems when you were younger and unfortunately it was too much for your kidneys. It wasn't easy letting go or saying goodbye, but your suffering is over and you are in a better place now.

   I will never forget you my friend, I love you.


   June 2011

  Joycee was a little pittie at the shelter waiting for her forever home but she passed away before that happened. Joycee did no™t much care for other dogs but she absolutely loved people, from the young to the old especially babies and toddlers, she was happiest when she was around them. Her sweet disposition made her a favorite among her caretakers and walkers. Joycee thought the best place to be was on someone'ss lap and did her best to try and get there.

   She will be sadly missed by her caretakers and walkers.


   Born: May 1, 2001 Died: June 16, 2011


                 My lil black stud muffin. How I wish I could see you and hold you once more. To take your suffering away. But at least you will suffer no more. We had many good years together, and I couldn't have chosen a better place for you to be when I could no longer have you. You were my miracle kitty and I won't ever forget you. I know someday I'll see you again.

   Just know that you were and will always be loved by everyone who's lives you graced with your presence.

   Jazzimyn Marie

   Born: Feb. 19. 2011 Died: June. 10. 2011

Hey baby, mommy is so sorry when I seen u was sick iItook you to the doctor and they told me you had parvo I just broke down crying.

              They told me if I left you there then u would make it that they had to keep u there! So I did. I came every day to see u. It hurt so bad to see you like that. It’s killing me because you’re not your not here. I thought I was doing the best thing for you but it looks like it was the worst thing and I am sorry. I know you and me was not together long but it was the first time I saw u it was from the beginning when Chloe got pregnant with u I was sooo happy. You was little but u was mighty like a Chihuahua and smart like a poodle. You’re an awesome dog.

Just like your daddy DJ. He misses you. Your sister and brother miss you to. I hope we get through this mess. I hate that your little body didn't but you’re in a better place. So enjoy having my father as your new owner. He loves puppies and he’ll love you like I do. I can’t wait until I see you both on the other side.

    I hope to see my Jazzie poo waiting on me!!!

                                                                                                            - Briana


   May , 2011 2010

Marlon was a shelter dog waiting for a new home. He had been abused but still wanted to be in a home. Sadly Marlon was found to have cancer and he passed away. Marlon was a big gentle boy looking for love.

He will be missed by his caretakers.




Though we never know
Where life will take us,
I know it's just a ride
On the wheel.
And we never know
When death will shake us
And we wonder how
It will feel.

So Goodbye my friend.
I know I'll never see you again.
But the time together
Through all the years,
Will take away these tears.
It's OK now - Goodbye my friend.

I see a lot of things
That make me crazy,
And I guess I held on to you,
You could have run away
And left - well maybe,
But it wasn't time
And we both knew.

So Goodbye My friend.
I know I'll never see you again.
But the love you gave me
Through all the years
Will take away these tears.
I'm OK now - Goodbye my friend

M's Owner

   Born Sept 2001 Died March 28, 2011

  Winston, I am so sorry you had to suffer all weekend with the seizures. You fought so hard to stay here with Momma. But the seizures just wore you down and you could no longer fight them off. I miss you sooooo very much!! It's so hard for me to come home and you not be here to greet me and give me kisses. You were my son, mama's son, You gave me the happiest 9 yrs of my life and I will never forget you and how you were always by my side...

Love Mama



   08/1998 - 02/2011

  Scout was an amazing dog. She loved everybody. She was aways there for me through everything. One of my Patient's gave her to me and I had her in my life for almost 10 years. I am so heart broken and sad. I miss her so much and it seems she should still be her when I come home from work. But I know she isn't suffering now and I know she is at peace. I will never forget our long walks together and the times you were there for me when I needed you the most.

I love you Scout..........
Love Mommie

Carol M., Kentucky


   Born: 1998 Died: January 2011 


 I was so lucky to have had you as a companion and best friend for 13 years. I rescued you from a shelter when you looked at me with those big eyes and melted my heart. God took you home on January 15 to Doggie Heaven. Jessie and I miss you so much, but we know you are free of suffering and running free in fields and taking in the sun.

I will love and remember you forever...


   May 20, 2001- December 31, 2010


You are the gold star standard by which all other dogs will be judged. You were more than just the family dog, you were our baby girl. You brought so much joy into our lives and blessed us every day. From the day that we met you we knew that you were the dog for our family. You helped our little boy begin to understand the love of a dog.

I miss you so much and will ALWAYS love my SennaButt!


   Born Feb.1996 - died Dec.15, 2010

I love you Tiny very much and i miss you every minute of every day. You were a loving and loyal friend and companion. I will treasure the years that i had with you,always and forever. I know that you are in a better place.I will always remember you and the loving light in your eyes. Thank you for being my friend all these years. I will cherish you always.

Until we meet again.

          Your loving friend, Lois.


   03/1999 -11/23/2010

Will miss you thanks for being my son.and all the fun we had your sister sheaw will be ok, have fun with morgan. say Hi to all and I wil be looking for you all @ the rainbow bridge



   November 14, 2008 - November 19, 2010

Magic, You came into my life when I needed a Friend, you stood by me side licking every tear I cried til the End, you gave me hope when I no longer wanted to try, you had soooooo muccccch fun in your heart you made me smile.....I love you for your strenght, patience, respect, deligence, protection and obedience, you are my son, God Blessed us together as we became ONE.....Rest In peace Magic you job here is done, let your Spirit run free because your my #1....You were a good boy Mag, and now I know you and God are watching over me.....I Love you with all my Heart and Soul......

Love Mommy!

Tonya, Durham N.C.


   November 2010

Scooby was a shelter dog waiting to be adopted, sadly that day never came for him.  Scooby was found to have cancer through out his body. His caretakers were fond of him, he always looked like he had a smile on his face for you. Coming from an abusive background Scooby was a sweetheart of a dog. We hope you found your forever home Scooby.... .

Missed by his caretakers .


   March 31th - Nov 11-8-2010

Daisy was a wonderful dog or should i say human she belong to two familys she was the best dog anyone could have she had a hard tail but love to play flip her food dish when empty and tell ya when she had to go out she been there to see my kids grow blaze were gonna miss you but will never forget your bday your are angel on are land and know that your still here protecting us.

Love you gurl and now you can rest in peace no more pain or pills ... .


   August 3, 2010- November 10, 2010

YAYO, I wish I could have spent one more day with you. I know you are in a better place than being here suffering. I will always look for you to be on the couch or at my bedroom door in the morning. You brought so much joy to my life for the short amount of time you were here. I remember watching you being born and saying, "I want him!" And today, you passed in my arms. You were such a playful and spunky puppy. You were sick for a while, but you were tough and fought until you just couldn't anymore. I did everything possible to help you but it was your time to go and I will never forget you. You will always be Mama's Little Man.

I love you to the moon and back.



Chelsea, We love you so much! You were one tough cat! and beautiful! We miss you so much!! We will never forget you and you will always be in our hearts. See you over the bridge! est cat in the world". My Sparky you will always be remembered and be miss for being a special cat for us.


           Amanda, Ashley, Mommy, Daddy, Lily, Lucky, Min



My Sparky we are going to miss you so much for being such a warm loving and cuddling cat who always wanted to be hold and be on top of us or near us giving us lots of love. Like Yvette said "You were the best cat in the world". My Sparky you will always be remembered and be miss for being a special cat for us.


       mom and the whole family.



You are my Angel Man. You were a wonderful ambassador for the Siberian breed at cat shows and at all the care facilities were visited together.

I miss you, my Angel Man.



Good bye Sweet Cyrus.

When I went thru Cancer 5 times you were always there to lick my face and lay down with me.

You loved to go fishing, even though most times you swallowed the fish with hook and all.

You were the happiest most well behaved dog ever, and I WILL LOVE YOU ALWAYS.

  EMILY (Baby Girl)

December 23, 1999 - August 17, 2010

You were the light of our life.Who would have ever guessed that the day we brought you home in a box with a heating pad that you would effect our lives so much. You were only 5 weeks old and couldn't even eat on your own. We fed you from a syringe and watched as you grew into the beautiful bird that you became. You have been such an important part of our lives. You had to leave us way too soon. You will always be in our hearts.

We miss you so much. We'll see you again someday. We'll have plenty of hugs and kisses for you.

    Love you,

   Momma and Daddy Becky & Jerry WV


We received Queenie from the Guide Dogs in 1998

and she passed away Sunday 15th August 2010

My beautiful Queenie we all love and miss you so much! You made a great companion dog as well as a great family pet, you have no idea the impact and difference you made to our whole family! When ever i go into the kitchen and look over to the back door i expect you to be waiting there for me and when i can not see you there i look further out into the yard and see flowers on your grave it really breaks my heart. I know it was your time and i hope you werent in too much pain i just couldnt bring myself to let you go. I hope you enjoyed your life with me i know it wasnt always happy times like it should of been and im sorry i was in hospital for so long but i know by your actions the McGown's took good care of you!

Queenie we miss you so much, we will all love you for the rest of our lives and we will never forget you!

            LOVE YOUR ALWAYS!

           Sam, Mum, Dad, Rachel, Daniel, Nanna and McGown Family



Went to Heaven on 06/18/2010

   Dolly was a shelter dog who lost her life due to a severe storm at the shelter. Dolly has no family to mourn her but she does have caretakers who miss her. Dolly's back legs were messed up but you would never know by the way she ran around.

   Dolly, run free and strong in the open fields for all eternity!

Your caretakers

Cassie Grizzle

Born: 12/25/2009
Went to Heaven on 06/14/2010

Cassie was a really sweet baby. Those precious dark chocolate eyes she had, just a lil heart breaker. She was my mothers baby, she got her on Valentines day. Mama loved that lil baby so much. Every one loved her and she loved every one. She is now laid to rest next to our long time companion Buddy. She is missed and still breaks my heart to even think about her being gone, God take care of our baby!




October 4 2004 - June 4 2010

Buddy was a not just a companion he was part of this family and also my security dog, we couldn't have asked for a better behaved and loyal friend we will miss him so dearly we love you rest in peace!!!!!!

Paul, Sandra, Justin 



May 28, 2010

We found Pedro skin and bone on the street starving 2 months ago. We took him home and nursed him back to health but he had eaten something that destroyed his liver. We love you so much Pedro, you were a light in our hearts and life. We will always treasure the joy you brought us.

God bless our adopted son and receive him in heaven today Lord Jesus, thank you Amen.

Lonnie Sweets

05/2005 - 5/17/2010

Lonnie Sweets you were the sweetest duck I have ever had. All of the others loved you to. I'll never forget you. All the peas and spaghetti. You really brought so much joy and happiness into my life. I am so sorry to see you leave us, but I know you'r at Rainbows Bridge now. You'r free to fly and get bugs with Larry and Louie there.

You were so special to us all.

Till we meet again Sweets.


May 13, 2010

Buddy~ Finding you was one of the best things to happen to us. We loved every minute of time we shared with you, and wish it could have lasted longer. I will always look in the rear view mirror and long to see your grinning face starring back......Our side of the bed doesn't feel the same. I will love you always, and the pain of losing you stays heavy on my heart. I hope that Doggy Heaven is loaded with sausage and pizza crust!

xoxo Love, Mommy

Brandi T-D., Maine

NOVA (Pretty Girl)

2002  - 2010

My Pretty Girl, I miss you so, my heart hurts. There will never be another pretty girl again.You were a young dog in an old body, you never let on that you were hurting.

Thank you for your unconditional love. I will miss you always.

Love Grandma

Grandma A., Illinois


Born: unknown, she was a precious gift

Died: 29th August 2009

Bibbio, you came into our lives at a time when we felt sorrow for our cat Lucy who had passed away. I was ten when you and Lucy 2 (RIP) came into my life and you were the second cat to to help us over our grief as you met Lucy number 2 who we found shortly after our other cat passed away. You were and always will be part of our family, you were what held us together through the good and the bad. We adored you beyond words and your passing is so hard to bear, especially as I did not get to say goodbye, i wish I was there to hold you through the darkness that took your life. You were still a young cat and should have been able to live to a ripe old age. You were a beautiful and crazy cat! You brought such joy and laughter to our lives and only those who knew you well enough could see how unique and special you were.

There is a hole in my heart without you and nothing but the dearest memories of you could help fill that wound. You will always be loved by us and we will never forget you (how could we?!). I really hope there is an afterlife for you to enjoy and above all I wish I could see you again. Rest in peace dearest Bibbio, you are always in my heart.

Love from mum, dad and big sis!

Nula, Ireland


Born: July 4th, 2000

Died: November 29, 2009

Max - You were my constant companion for the last nine and a half years. I can't hardly remember a time when you were not right at my feet or at least near by watching my every move. Thank you for your unconditional love. I am a better person because I had you in my life. When you passed away suddenly Sunday night my entire world came crashing down around me. I laid you to rest in Pooh's flower garden where you wandered endlessly during your life. Wrapped in your favorite blanket with some of your toys, I kissed your head one final time and gently laid you in your final resting place. I will visit you often and think of you always. Even though I can no longer hold you and see you, I can still feel your presence all around me. You were the true joy of my life and while I am greiving tremendously right now, I know you are safe and well again.

Wait for me little dachshund, in the meadow near the rainbow bridge, I'll meet you there and one day we will be together again!

J. Brashier


Born: 02/22/03

Died: 11/23/09

Payton, you were taken too soon from us!  We are going to miss your funny way of playing with your toys, and your giant tail banging against the walls.  Please have fun in doggy heaven playing with your old pal Dexter, say hi for us.


M. Anderson


Born: October 10, 1991

Died: October 10, 2009

Boo Boo was the best friend anyone could ever hope for,we were so blessed to have been in his life for 18 wounderful years, 18 years still was not enough time with Boo Boo. My heart aches there is a place in my heart just for him for eternity. We Will meet again this time FOREVER, our lives will never be the same without him, he was our sunshine ....

He is with us in spirit, he loved to be with us no matter where we were or what we were doing, his favorite foods were chicken, yogart, ravioli sauce, bacon.

IT BROKE OUR HEARTS TO LOSE YOU BUT YOU DID NOT GO ALONE FOR PART OF US WENT WITH YOU THE NIGHT GOD CALLED YOU HOME,WE WERE BLESSED TO HAVE YOU BEFORE YOU WAS TAKEN FROM US IN SUCH A HURRY. We lost Boo Boo to kidney failure Boo Boo left this earth in our arms surrounded by love peace and blessings from our lord.

Boo Boo spent most of his time in the sunshine or curled up in front of the fireplace keeping warm, he loved to cuddle , and he was very fussy in keeping well groomed. He will sure will be missed forever what a real joy to have in our lives ,


Lindberg Family

Jamestown, NY


Born: 1999

Died: 2009

I could probably write a book or two about her, for sure. One of the family. We have so many comments from so many others who knew her, and about her... it's been amazing. She affected many more people than just us, for sure. ok, real quick, one more story.

Annie used to go running with us. Long runs, miles. Trails, road, hills. Seriously, a short little beagle. We had so many people ask us "How do you get her to do that?", "How do you get her to stay with you?", and, "What, a Beagle? That likes running?" Annie wouldn't have it any other way. She hated to be left behind, and while she was a hound dog and would try to follow her nose, all we had to do was say "Annie! We're ahead of you!", and she would take off like a shot, pass us and run as fast as she could run, to stay a few steps in front of us. Kids at school jog-a-thons, people running with us on the trails... everyone knew her as "a running buddy". Rather motherly, too. She didn't like it when people fell behind. If they did, she would hang back a bit, look over her shoulder like "Are you ok?... then come on!" Make sure they were ok (usually, if the person said "I'm ok", she would be fine with that and take off again) then run back up to the front person. At one of the local elementary schools, no dogs were allowed on school grounds, except one: Annie. They (school personnel) would even ask us if we were going to bring her to the next jogathon. The kids loved it when she was there, and would run as long as she would. But only Annie was allowed. No other dogs or pets. It spoke volumes about her behavior, personality, and positive effects on people. And why did I bring that up? Because looking at the pictures, I had a thought that I should make some t-shirts for all of us with a good picture of Annie on the front... with the label "Running Buddy Forever".

Wish we would've taken more snow pictures, they always turned out great. She was funny that way. She hated the cold: had a big soft bed, her own quilts, loved to be covered in blankets every night, but when it came to snow... she loved it! Didn't matter how cold it was as long as there was snow. If there was deep snow, she'd run like mad through it, plow through it, chase sleds and boys until her paws would bleed and we'd have to put her inside because we thought she was going to have a heart attack from breathing so hard.

We sure miss her in more ways than we could have imagined, but have so many fun stories and memories that we wouldn't trade these ten years for anything, no matter how painful the last few weeks were. (She had cancer, we finally had to make that awful decision to put her down)

Sowers Family

Ferndale, Washington


Born: 9/24/03

Died: 9/21/09

Niato, You were my little buddy. You followed me everywhere I went, pawed at every step I took, and clawed at every door I was behind. Your unconditional love was obvious. You were my baby. I wish that God hadn't taken you from me so soon, he must have pretty important plans for you. I know you lived a good and spoiled life - but Mine will not be the same without you. Already today my daily routine was been quiet different without you around, and I hate it. I hope you realized how much you were adored and loved, and certainly how much you will be missed. You will have have a piece of my heart.

Love you with all my heart soul,

 Neely, Texas


Born: May 11, 1994

Died: March 28, 2009

Our Little Biggie

Our lives have changed
Since you're not here.
But the memories you left us,
We hold so dear.
Your little booger face,
Your worshipping eyes,
Remain in our hearts
As we struggle with ‘why'.
Why you had to leave us
When we loved you so.
Why you couldn't stay
Why you had to go.
The answers we know
Only God can provide.
But it still doesn't stop
Our pain inside.
One thing is certain
To put a smile on our face
If kitties go to heaven,
You'll have a special place.

- Love Mama -

Jim and Bonnie Fox


Born: January 30, 1994

Died: October 22, 2008

We said goodbye to Tasha last Wednesday. She was 14 years and 9 months old.  We loved her dearly and are hurting deeply. Knowing that we were laying her to rest in comfort and a protected place was a small comfort to us. I wanted to share a couple of pictures with you.

Although this little picture of Tasha was taken one Halloween, she is truly one of God's angels now.

 Linda Fucci


Born: 1999

Died: September 29, 2008

Thougt you might want to see our DEAR BELOVED BOXER (DIXIE). She went to Pet Heaven on Monday, Sept. 29, 2008 at 11:31a.m. She had a very, very hard weekend. She was in lots of pain and seizure after seizure and bless her little heart, she fought like a WINNER, she just couldn't shake it any longer. This has been the most painful death in our family ever, I think. I lost my Mother and my husband lost his Mother and Dad but I guess the difference Dixie was with us for the last nine (9) years day and night, NEVER AWAY from us and she was always waiting on us when we got home from work - she stayed in our house all the time and never bothered anything. She was waiting on us when we got home from work and we NEVER left her except to go to work and Church and we would tell her and she knew what we were telling her and she was content with that. Other than work and Church, she went absolutely everywhere with us whether it was right down the street or all over town. She rode in the truck with my husband all the time and it has taken a GREAT toll on both of us. Neither of us can even hardly talk about it. It is so devastating to us.
        She was the most beautiful in the whole worldas far as we are concerned. It will take a long time to adjust but with the Lord's strength it will get some better.

Anita Bryan


Born: n/a

Died: May, 2007

  Rescued from a county shelter, scheduled to die the day we found you. You were and are the best dog ever. All those fun days at the dog park, the beach, playing with Mike and Cindy. We will hold you forever in my heart sweet girl.

I miss you so much. Love, Any, Devon, Mike and Cindy. 




Born: 1994

Died: October, 2007  

  Myles, I am sorry that I could not take away your suffering and pain. I am sorry that I left us. I am so sorry. No more suffering, no more pain. Join your friend Maxy and feel well, eat catnip, eat treats, eat again. We will never for get your beautiful blue eyes -  you are so handsome. We are always with you and love you unendingly. Forever dreaming of your sweetness and beauty, Your Family.

T.A., Pennsylvania



Born: n/a

Died: March 2008 

  Terry, my beauty.The day we brought you home from the animal shelter  you were just little bundle of joy and mischief. We sure didn't think your stays with us would be so short.  A part of me went along with you the night you left us. You were the most gentle and cuddly cat we ever had. We laid you to rest in a beautiful spot so we can visit you daily. Bright yellow flowers will grow year after year where you are laid to rest. You will be in our heart for ever. You are now in Cat Heaven. The only consolation is that now you are not in pain any more. Love You and Miss You.

Mary G., Connecticut 


Born: 1998

Died: August, 2008 
  Lolla, I want the world to know how much I love and miss you. I look at your favorite spot by the sofa sofa and I see you there, and when I call your name you look up at me and wag your tail. I will never let go of you in my heart and soul. Miss you sooooooo much. I will love you for the rest of my life............Love Mommy.

Genny T., Maine 

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